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. A question that we are often asked is what is the difference between the 3 Casa das Marés. The three houses work in the same building, and belong to the same family (of 3 sisters), but each works independently, with different conditions, services and price. Casa das Marés 1 offers the service here described, and ensures that you will not find a better location overlooking the sea and beaches of Baleal.

• We do not have breakfast available.

• We are the only ones to provide sea view in all windows!

• Pets are not allowed in suites.

• Payment is made (in full or the rest, as the case may be) at check-in, only in cash, we do not accept checks nor do we have payment terminals by debit / credit card.

• We do not have private balconies or terraces in the suites, but we have two common terraces on the ground floor with magnificent views for the beach and for the ocean that you can enjoy at your leisure!

• We do not have a pool, but honestly, who needs a pool on the island of Baleal, surrounded by beautiful sea and fantastic beaches?

• We do not have private parking available, but it is possible to park on the public road in the vicinity of the house, or in the public parks in the Baleal, depending on their availability.

• We have a storage room to store surfboards or bicycles, depending on the space available and depending on the quantity / size of the equipment mentioned.



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