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Little more than the 1 hour from Lisbon you will find Baleal Island, situated in the Center-West region of Portugal, also known as Silver coast. Magnificent landscapes, the transparent waters and white sands… these are characteristics that become the Baleal, a place that rare beaches possess. Baleal sits on a peninsula of limestone formation. The peninsula forms two bays: one facing south that connects to Peniche de Cima, and the other facing north, until a place called “Pedras Muitas”. The undergrowth vegetation is typical of the coast, however, the coast is very rich in ichthyologic species. The amazing panorama (sighting is Peniche, Berlengas and the whole coast north from the Foz of Arelho, São Martinho do Porto and Nazaré), the mild climate, magnificent scenery, the transparent waters and white sands of the beach, are features that rare beaches have. Another event of rare beauty that you can enjoy in the Baleal is the sunrise and sunset. Who comes to Baleal can also visit the Chapel of “Santo Estêvão.The Baleal beach because of their characteristics is great for bathing and water sports (showing the known peak - Lagido to surf practice). It is a beach full of charm that attracts, holds and encourages the return of those who visit us.

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