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Was in the beginning of the twentieth century that was born in the beautiful island of Baleal the Casa das Marés. Paul Camiller, from Lisbon and a Maltese family was a diver that came to the region of Peniche at the end of the XIX century in search of treasures left in the bottom of the sea by the sinking of San Pedro de Alcântara off the coast of Peniche. Quickly enchanted with our beautiful region and finally make some real estate investments, among them the construction of a hotel casino on the island of Baleal, which at the time was not more than the refuge of fishermen in the region and of some families that there remained in the summer season.


The building began to be built in the first years of the XX century, having been inaugurated in 1917 as "Hotel Club Baleal". Was one the firsts tourist enterprises of the region and the first on the island of Baleal. Soon became the center of attention due to the beauty of its architecture and since then an icon in the silhouette of Baleal.


After some years of operation the Hotel Club just by entering a downward phase having been closed for some time. In the mid 1930 a family of Peniche realized the unique potential of the hotel and has acquired the property. Through the hands of Maria da Conceição Paulino Lopes and her husband Ludgero Lopes, maestro and musician, along with an ant of Maria, inaugurated the old hotel as "Pensão do Baleal", operating in full board basis where families ended by passing the entire summer sponsors of Baleal and who kept many stories of good times that here if passed.


In the beginning of the 80's after the death of the couple the daughters Mimi, Odete and Teresa decided to keep the business started by parents and the building, which was in the advanced state of degradation was completely reconstructed keeping only the exterior walls so as to maintain its identity. The building was divided into three distinct parcels, one for each daughter but keeping the same business started at the beginning of the century. Thus in 1985 the three daughters inaugurated the building under the name of Casa das Marés 1, 2 and 3 going to operate as an charming guestouse and in the arrangements for bed & breakfast. The three houses are independent but maintains the same service and family environment being just different in interior decoration.


After more than 30 years since Casa das Marés have opened the doors, the generation of the daughters of the couple Lopes begins to pass the business management to grandchildren who continue to receive tourists from all over the world who come to spend a few days in one of the more traditional houses of the region in a typically portuguese family.

To celebrate the 100 year of our business family, in 2018 Casa das Marés 1 is starting a new concept, making a different offer from the other houses, with Suites up to 4 persons (one of the suites up to 5 persons), private dining area and private bathroom with shower, thinking on small families or a small group of friends.

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